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Wild Blueberry Facial Cleanser


Our skin is one of the body's most renewable organs. Environmental pollutants, make up, and dead cells can create unwelcome build up. Wild Blueberry Facial Cleanser purifies, clarifies, and rejuvenates delicate facial tissue. Effectively removes make-up and mascara without irritating eyes.

Features: 95% Organic Ingredients, Certified Organic by MCIA. USDA certified. Purifies, softens and leaves skin moist. Gently removes makeup. Packaged in *Miron Deep Violet Glass to bring you high quality and efficacious herbal preparations.

Ingredients: org aloe vera juice, org sunflower oil, org sesame oil, org coconut oil, org sugar cane alcohol, org castile soap, org beeswax, org blueberries, org lavender flowers, org rosemary antioxidant co2 extract, org seaweed, org borage flowers, org blueberry leaf, org lavender essential oil.

Directions: All IMH products are rich and a small amount is sufficient for cleansing. Apply cleanser to finger tips or cotton ball. Gently wipe in a downward circular motion until make up is removed. This product is suitable for eye make-up removal. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Final rinse with cool water. Spritz with Wild Blueberry Facial Mist. For external use only.

*This Deep Violet Glass is the only packaging that protects its contents from heat and light degradation.