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4 Natural Ways to Ease Menopause Symptoms

Wild Blueberry Lavender Facial Mist and active ingredients

Quell Hot Flashes and Calm Your Nerves

Feeling out of sorts? Low energy? Erratic moods? Many women quickly dismiss these symptoms as part of day-to-day life or blame them on everything from stress or diet to a lack of sleep. In some cases, those lifestyle elements may factor in; but if you’re going through perimenopause or menopause, then hormonal changes may be wreaking havoc on your life.

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t for everyone, but getting your balance back in check can improve your life and your menopause experience, so here are some natural tips for easing your symptoms.

Quell Hot Flashes and Calm Your Nerves

When the dreaded dragon fire hot flashes set in, riding them out can be challenging. Dressing in layers, so you can quickly cool yourself is a must, and having a refreshing facial mist on your desk or in your handbag can really take the edge off. As tempting as it is to just reach for a squirt bottle filled with tap water, don’t do it. Straight H2O has an instant cooling effect, but when the water evaporates, it can take some of your natural hydration with it.

Choose a facial mist with skin-loving antioxidants, like vitamin C, as well as soothing, moisturizing ingredients, like Aloe Vera. Our Wild Blueberry Lavender Facial Mist contains all of the above with the added aromatherapy benefits associated with lavender. Long known for its calm, relaxing properties, researchers believe that lavender essential oil may bind with one of the serotonin transporters in the body, allowing the feel-good neurotransmitter to function like a hormone to reduce anxiety and agitation, which has a complementary effect and may reduce flushing.  

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Belly & Vaginal Balm image

A Natural Solution for Vaginal Dryness

A Natural Solution for Vaginal Dryness

As menopausal symptoms go, inadequate lubrication is a problem for nearly all women. When the body fails to lubricate naturally, intimacy can be hindered and fragile vaginal tissue can become irritated. Most traditional lubricants designed for intimacy do an adequate job, but if you prefer a product made with certified organic oils and all natural ingredients, our Belly and Vaginal Balm contains 95% organic ingredients, including calendula and chamomile flowers. It has a fresh, clean, natural scent and isn’t the least bit sticky either.


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Wild Yam Root as Menopause & PMS Relief

Topicals May Offer Relief

Topicals May Offer Relief

I looked for natural hormone treatment and found the wild yam root cream. It's been such a help in balancing my hormones and my desire came back after consistent use.”

– AnaShay, 1/4/22

Many of our customers have turned to us for hormone-balancing alternatives to estrogen therapy. Our Wild Yam Root Cream has been said to improve libido, reduce hot flashes, and balance hormones. Significant scientific support for the use of wild yam root is still lacking, but we know that first person experience is often a precursor to scientific substantiation. Until then, we’re thrilled to offer a 95% organic product that is both progesterone- and estrogen-free and may give you some relief without any toxic side effects.
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Breath-Body Connection

The Breath-Body Connection

Anxiety and irritability aren’t unique to menopause, but the effects on the body are the same. In most stressful situations, we tend to take shallow breaths from the upper part of the lungs. To quell the agitation, add a mindfulness or meditation session to your daily routine. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and slowly. Concentrate on the sensation of your ribcage expanding and collapsing while breathing naturally in and out. According to researchers, the “voluntary slowing down of breath frequency” results in “increased comfort, relaxation, pleasantness, vigor and alertness, and reduced symptoms of arousal, anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion.” We’ll take that over a prescription any day! And the good news is you can practice this type of breathing anywhere anytime.

We hope you found these tips useful. Reach out to us if you have questions about the products mentioned here. We’re always happy to help.


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