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proud to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

Eco-conscious - Good for your skin and the planet

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Are you looking for self-care products that are both skin and planet-friendly? You found them!

Indian Meadow Herbals was eco-conscious before the term even existed, and we’re proud to continue offering consumers highly effective products made with integrity. For us, environmental concerns are always front of mind. Every company makes decisions based on their level of commitment to protecting the environment, and we’ve been increasing our Certified Organic offerings to further lessen our impact on the environment while delivering the most potent formulations possible.

We’re Transparent about Organic Ingredient Percentages

Many of our products are certified organic, and you’ll find the percentage of organic ingredients listed on each label. In accordance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), products featuring the green and white Certified Organic Seal contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. Ten of our 15 personal care products proudly bear the USDA Certified Organic seal.

IMH Luxurious Wild Blueberry Collection is Protected by Miron Violetglass

We’ve been creating environmentally conscious herbal products since 1994 using wild-crafted herbs and food grade oils. We believe that the jar that holds your precious skincare matters as much as the ingredients in them.

To prevent sunlight and heat from reducing your product’s efficacy, we use Miron’s violetglass bottles and jars. The dark glass blocks the sun’s harmful rays while allowing the beneficial ultraviolet and infrared light to “energize the organic molecules of the products stored within.” These bottles and jars increase the shelf life of your products and eliminate the need for artificial preservatives.

Nothing in Our Jars Will Harm You or the Environment

Creating a moisturizer that effectively hydrates and soothes the skin doesn’t require using synthetic ingredients, chemical preservatives, or isopropyl parabens. We know because we don’t use them in any of our products, including our bestselling Love Your Face Cream Original Formula and our Love Your Face Cream Organic Formula. And we’ve been receiving rave reviews on these products for years.

"I just want to say that I love your face cream. There's nothing like it to keep my skin moist and smooth! Thank you so much for making this great cream, that doesn't have any preservatives or dangerous chemicals in it. I'm so grateful this exists!" — MB

Traceable and Sustainable Since 1994

Every Indian Meadow Herbals product has a lot number indicating the date your product was made. Our ingredients come with a certificate of analysis (COA) which ensures they are produced according to USDA organic standards. We only source from reputable, ethical growers that do not genetically engineer or irradiate crops nor use synthetic fertilizer or sewage sludge. We use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible and recyclable glass jars and bottles. Our post-production by-products are also biodegradable and compostable.