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Organic Herbal Skincare Since 1994
Wild Yam Root as Menopause & PMS Relief

Topicals May Offer Relief

Topicals May Offer Relief

I looked for natural hormone treatment and found the wild yam root cream. It's been such a help in balancing my hormones and my desire came back after consistent use.”

– AnaShay, 1/4/22

Many of our customers have turned to us for hormone-balancing alternatives to estrogen therapy. Our Wild Yam Root Cream has been said to improve libido, reduce hot flashes, and balance hormones. Significant scientific support for the use of wild yam root is still lacking, but we know that first person experience is often a precursor to scientific substantiation. Until then, we’re thrilled to offer a 95% organic product that is both progesterone- and estrogen-free and may give you some relief without any toxic side effects.


The product was packed nicely, i received it earlier than expected. They even sent me a generous sample moisturizer to try. So far, this is my second wild yam root cream. It has helped with my menopause symptoms specially my estrogen dominance. Very happy with their product

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